Paul and DadBlue Sea Aquariums was started by my dad in 1949 as “Aquarium Maintenance”. Aquarium Maintenance was the first of its kind in the Seattle area. Dad built custom aquariums by hand in the garage, some of them big enough for my older brothers to swim in. The aquariums were in doctors’ offices, restaurants… like the historic WHARF restaurant and IVAR’S in Mukilteo… and in many, classy, personal residences. He was the first in the Seattle area to import brine shrimp from California as live fish food for his clients’ Sea life.

Seattle Marine AquariumA friend of Ted Griffin, in 1962 Dad and Ted partnered to open the Seattle Marine Aquarium on Pier 56. Dad built the aquariums and supplied the Sea life, while Ted managed the business end.

IvarsDad, an amateur ichthyologist, taught me his trade in the maintenance of fresh and saltwater tanks and fish before passing 20 years ago. Following his death I inherited the business, which I renamed Blue Sea Aquariums.